The Checkerspot kitchen is OPEN! We will be serving food on Fridays & Saturdays from 12-8pm and during special events.

We still LOVE having local food vendors and food trucks come in sometimes!


Charcuterie Plate $16

A rotating selection of Amish cheeses, local cured meats from Meat Crafters and housemade beer mustard. Served with crostini or flatbread.

Scotch Egg$5

Housemade sausage wrapped hard boiled free range egg

Housemade Dips$5

Lemon pepper dip, dill garlic dip, hummus, or salsa. Served with housemade crostini, flatbread crackers, veggies or fresh made tortilla chips from Tortillaria Sinaloa in Fells Point.

Amish Cheese$8

Pick from rotating local PA Amish cheeses from Goat Essa. Served with housemate flatbread crackers or crostini and a side of beer mustard. Also available as a 4-cheese plate ($12).


Pickles made with Checkerspot beer. These are amazing! Also available pickled grapes and pickled eggs ($3).

Beef Jerky$6

The best beef jerky you’ve ever had! Made with Checkerspot beer too:)


Veggie Wrap (GF)$5

Roasted vegetables and mushrooms in a gluten free wrap


Italian meats from Meat Crafters (Landover, MD) on a soft hoagie roll


By the slice.

Smoked Drumsticks$4

Marinated and smoked, teriyaki chicken drumsticks, 2 per order.

Smoked Salmon$8

Wood smoked salmon that melts in your mouth.

Smoked Cornish Game Hen$4

Marinated in Checkerspot beer and smoked until falling off the bone. Half hen per order.


Soup of the Day$4

Housemade soup of the day, rotating.

Potato Salad / Cole Slaw$3

Housemade potato salad or cole slaw as a side

Pulled Pork Sandwich$8

Slow cooked pulled pork with your choice of mustard, BBQ and vinegar based sauces. Rotating Fridays & Saturdays.


Housemade macaroni & cheese. Lots of cheese! Rotating on Fridays & Saturdays.

Smoked Pork Sandwich$8

Pork butt marinated in Checkerspot beer and slow smoked. Served with housemade beer-BBQ sauce. Rotating on Fridays & Saturdays.

Pit Beef Sandwich$8

Smoked pit beef sandwiches, marinated in Checkerspot beer. Served with horseradish & onions. Rotating on Friday & Saturdays.


Housemade sourdough pretzels. Served with housemade whole grain beer mustard. Rotating on Fridays & Saturdays.


Delicious housemade sausage with housemade whole grain beer mustard. Rotating on Fridays & Saturdays.


Checkerspot Brewing Company
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Brewery: (443) 388-9198